You’re a music teacher so chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed, overtired and overworked  - right?


A 40 hour school week….. no way!

Based on my own teaching, I would estimate that on average, teachers spend at least 45 hours a week at school, with a minimum of 10 hours at home. That's a minimum of 55 hours each week, often time many more.

Ohhh…. and let’s not forget to add school musical and concert rehearsals to the total!

As a member of the MTR membership you will NEVER AGAIN have to waste precious planning time creating resources or scouring the internet for engaging activities.

You want to stop feeling like a hot mess, and flying by the seat of your pants most days . .


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could cut lesson prep by half the time, have resources for subs ready to go, have print and go resources available all year round? The good new is - your can!!

You need the MTR membership site - a treasure chest of resources!

Members have constant access, 24/7, to ALL the resources in the membership!  

All the hard work of creating fun, engaging activity sheets is done for you!

NO prep, print and go resources with the click of your mouse! 

What's peace of mind and always being prepared for class with fun engaging activities worth to you?


The amount of money we spend, out of our own pockets, buying resources each year is astounding!

And yet, we never seem to have enough. Each class is different and requires differentiation to cater for individual needs. It's a never-ending cycle.

The MTR Membership gives you access to 100's of resources, video clips and links to online resources covering many different music concepts and type of activities.

Joining the MTR Membership for Music Teachers allows you access to thousands of dollars worth of resources for the cost of 2-3 coffee’s a month.

About Music Teacher Resources


I’m Kim Maloney, creator of Music Teacher Resources.

My passion has always been to create high-quality resources that engage students and promote their understanding and learning, not just keep them busy.

I have been teaching music privately and in high schools and colleges for over…… well…., many years. My main areas of teaching in the classroom are general music, guitar and vocals/choir. Currently, I am teaching composition and music history to senior tertiary students, a Music Industry course, two General Music units – grade 9 and 10 and a Vocal unit.

I am also responsible for the junior choir and a senior SATB A’Capella choir.

Life is VERY busy and full of music and I love it!

My objective is to provide a range of affordable, high quality, classroom-ready resources for busy, committed teachers; teachers like you who want the best for their students, and to spend more quality time with the people they love the most.

How it Works

The price you pay now is your FOREVER price for as long as you remain a member, regardless of future price increases. 

Once you subscribe you will be emailed a password and URL to the membership site where the resources are kept and available for download whenever you need them. 

The types of material include student worksheets and activities on:

  • composer and musician biography research for every month of the year
  • listening activities
  • theory

  • aural exercises activities 

  • rhythm review and games

  • color by music pages

  • instruments

  • composition

  • music classroom posters and décor sets  

  • puzzles, games, word search, bingo games, music mazes and more!

  • resources for use with Google Apps™
  • links to video clips and other online resources
  • New resources will be continually added to the membership. It will be an ever-expanding treasure chest of resources!



 Where a resource contains note names such as quarter note/crotchet, half note/minim etc, I have included both the North American and British set in the bundle.






Access to ALL the resources in the MTR Music Teacher Membership site - 24/7 for the length of your membership.

Access to the MTR Music Teacher Facebook community

No need to send a payment every month! Your subscription will be automatically paid from your account each month, with the understanding that you can cancel at any time. 

So simple and convenient!







12 months for the price of 10

Access to ALL the resources in the MTR Music Teacher Membership site - 24/7.

Access to the MTR Music Teacher Facebook community.

With this option you make just ONE payment for the whole year.

Your subscription will be automatically paid from your account each year, with the understanding that you can cancel at any time. 

So simple and convenient!



  • Currently under construction is an exclusive MTR Member Community. (No - it's not another Facebook group.)  

  • Access will only available to members.

  • This will be a safe and secure area to discuss issues, share hints and tips and lesson ideas and activities.



Here is a sample of what you could expect to find in the membership.....


"As a secondary school music teacher in Ireland, I've used these resources on numerous occasions. Despite the differences in our curricula, the worksheets are well developed and cover students of mixed ability, as well as pushing the more able students. I've found the worksheets simple and easy to use, easy to adapt, colourful and a god send! I will definitely be making more purchases and eagerly wait for the resources each month!"

Kim Lynch
March 10, 2019

"I am so grateful for all of your excellent job, you never stop to amaze me with always coming up with new ideas and high quality materials that you share with such great generosity. You are the rare gem 💎 in the our Music 🎶 Education World! Me and my students appreciate you!"

Nona Kilgore
March 10, 2019

"Awesome as usual! An easy lesson for a busy day or sub! Thank you! "

Brianne L.
March 8, 2019

"There is a journal sheet for every different situation for listening. I really enjoyed using these for my high school students. "

Denise Knowlton
March 3, 2019

"As always a great resource! Very useful! Thank you, Kim! "

Nona Kilgore
March 3, 2019

"My students love the mystery art sets. When completed they made a great display in my room!"

Veronica D.
March 1, 2019

"I loved this, it worked well for my class during Halloween. They enjoyed getting to hear certain aspects of the music. I read the poem aloud to them and they played music behind it. It was pretty cool."

Kailey S.
February 28, 2019

"WOW. I'm so impressed with the affordability and quality of resources you provide. Thank you so much! "

Osvaldo G.
February 27, 2019

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