A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

I know you are a GREAT teacher! How do I know? It’s because you are here, which means you’ve been searching for content, ideas and/or inspiration in your own time. That’s what great teachers do! That light inside you is a passion. It’s a passion that can take over your life. It can become difficult to maintain a healthy work/life balance.



Welcome! I’m Kim Maloney, creator of MusicTeacherResources. My objective is to provide you with a range of quality, classroom-ready resource. Resources for busy teachers who want the best for their students, and to spend more quality time with the people they love the most!

About Music Teacher Resources

About Kim Maloney

Just a few of the things I enjoy most is my life…..

  • Mountains rather than the beach
  • Winter more than summer
  • Nice quiet dinners (that I don’t cook…. I’m a shocking cook) and time spent with my family
  • Planning for and travelling to new and interesting places around the globe
  • Playing the piano or guitar and singing
  • Working with my A’Cappella Choir
  • My two beautiful huskies, Balto and Togo
  • Receiving emails from amazing teachers like yourself who have taken the first steps to reclaiming valuable time for themselves and their family!

What my Working Day is Like…..

I have been teaching music privately and in high schools and colleges for over…… well…., many years. My main areas of teaching in the classroom are general music, guitar and vocals/choir. Currently, I am teaching composition and music history to senior tertiary students, the Music Industry course, two General Music units and a Vocal unit. I am also responsible for the annual College musical (producer, musical director and vocal coach) and I run an extra-curricular SATB  A’ Capella choir.

Life is VERY busy and full of music and I love it!


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