Classroom Awards Ceremony


Are you nearly at the end of your school year? If so, read on........

If you are only partway through your school year, read on anyway because you might like to save this idea. It's a good one! 

Nearly everyone loves to be recognized, and one way to leave your students feeling special and important is to have an end-of-year classroom awards ceremony.

I know you might be thinking that coming up with a unique award for each student sounds like it might be a challenge. Don't worry. I've got you covered!

This is your last opportunity to positively impact how your students feel about music class, the school, and their self-worth. 

You tell them they matter by giving them a positive message at the end of the year; you will also be planting the seed for their future teachers and bosses.

Class awards are an easy way to show the students you've given some thought to them individually. Each award says something specific about them, which goes a long way with just about anyone.

You can print them out and give each student an award, or take it to the next level and do a full-on awards ceremony. I suggest that the latter would be a better overall experience for everyone, including yourself.


Have an Award Ceremony in Your Classroom

Here's how I would do an awards ceremony in my classroom. On the day of the event, I would start the class by telling every student that for the next 45 minutes, there will be nothing but positive words spoken in our classroom.   

It's essential to set this expectation from the start to fend off any unnecessary comments as awards are handed out.

Have the pre-printed awards in a stack at the front of the class, but also have the awards projected on the board so that everyone can see them as they are given out. Call on a student to read the complete award and then have them guess who the award goes to or call the recipient of that award to the front of the class.

Depending on your school policy, you might consider taking photos during the ceremony. These could be uploaded to the school's social media pages and added to the newsletter with the correct permission. Maybe you could create a hashtag for them (e.g. #MaloneyMusicAwards).   


Class Awards Done for You

Here is the best part. You don't have to create the awards yourself. I've already done it for you.

The MTR Music Award Certificates contain over 118 EDITABLE certificates making it possible for you to add students' names to each certificate! 


While many other classes are dealing with a lack of engagement or discipline issues, you'll be able to take advantage of making a memory your students will remember for years to come!


Wishing you a smooth road to the end of the year. 


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