Benefits of Color By Music Symbol Pages

Have you ever tried using color by music symbols worksheets in the classroom? If you have, then I bet you’ll agree they are fun for students of all ages and are a great educational tool that helps reinforce recognition of music symbols.

As well as providing an element of fun and excitement as they watch their color pages come to life, engaging in coloring activities has many other learning and health benefits. 



Besides learning the name or function of music symbols, and the importance of following instructions to come up with a correctly colored picture, coloring has a calming effect.

Imagine your class quietly and calmly coloring away as they listen to music and reinforce their recognition and understanding of music symbols and signs! Play a piece from their composer of the month or a style they have been studying. Or play a piece they will be studying shortly. By the time you introduce it to them, they will have already heard it! Now, that’s a bonus!

Color by note worksheets holds educational value. They can be used as assessments for note value identification, as can color by music symbols and pitch worksheets, supporting standards in Music!

 Color by note activities helps students to identify the notes, pitch and symbols needed to read music notation.

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Read what teachers have said about the color by music symbols sets:

  1. “These are great! I love the variety – you can use it with young children or older ones! Thank you!”
  2. “Cute and fun. The kids enjoyed these.”
  3. “I love these color by music symbol sheets. Great for centers and sub days. Thanks!” 



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