Learning Bass Clef Notes


Teaching the Bass Clef Notes

There are several ways to teach young musicians the name of the bass clef notes!

The most widely used strategies involve the use of songs and mnemonics. The ones seen below are probably the most commonly used, but it’s fun to have your students make up their own! They also remember them more quickly when they create the mnemonic themselves!

BASS LINES:      Great Big Dreams For All

BASS SPACES:   All Cows Eat Grass

Here is one that works well with middle school students.

All About That Bass (Clef)

I created this resource to use in conjunction with the YouTube clip:

An educational parody of Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” is an engaging way of teaching the bass clef notes.

This resource has eight pages.

  • There are four pages/slides that follow the lyrics of the song and
  • four pages follow the song but with words/sections for the students to fill in as they watch and listen to the video.

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