Mozart Online Resources

1. Let’s Go Mozart!
A teacher resource kit to help elementary school teachers introduce their students to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music.

2. BBC Primary History: Famous People
Information about his life, pictures, a quiz and links. 

3. Free music of Mozart’s (mp3s)

4. Hey Kids, Meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Loads of Mozart resources for young children here including composer bio, worksheets and easy sheet music for various instruments.

5. Information and Question Sheet
A one page PDF Free Download.

6. All Piano Scores
Free Mozart music sheets to download.

7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K.525 – I.Allegro – Video

8Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K.525 – I. Allegro – Score
Free score and instrument parts available to download.

9.  Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
A fun and informative book to introduce children to the life of Mozart. Excellent for children between 7-10 years of age. 

Do you know any other good sites with Mozart resources?

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