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The use of apps has revolutionized many aspects of music education, and what happens in the classroom. There are apps to help with storing files, creating lesson plans, reinforcing concepts taught, keeping the class roll, contacting parents ….. and the lists goes on. Many tasks associated with education are quicker and easier with the use of apps. The person that said ‘There is an app for everything….,” was not too far from the truth!

Many tasks associated with education are quicker and easier with the use of apps. The person that said ‘There is an app for everything….,” was not too far from the truth!

Using music education apps can enhance your teaching because they make the learning of music concepts more engaging and interactive for students. 

Portable and Convenient

There are very few constrictions for where mobile phones or iPads can be taken. As a result, learning is not confined to the classroom. It is available any time, any day via the use of music education apps.

As I am a music teacher, and I love ALL things musical. Therefore, I have compiled an extensive list of free and paidmusic education apps (in no particular order) and added a brief description of the functions of each app to share with you.

40 Music Education Apps

  1. Amazing Slow Downer – Great for musicians wishing to learn a piece of music. Works with Spotify.  $ 
  1. Flashnote Derby – A music note flashcard game, ideal for teaching children to identify notes.  $ 
  1. Vocal Warm Up – Guides you through daily vocal warm ups essential for the health of your vocals. (iOS only)   $ 
  1. Capo Touch – Helps musicians learn music by altering the speed of the music. Also, this app generates chords for the music.   $ 
  1. iTooch Music – Aimed at 7th and 8th Graders, this large collection of activities in a single app is designed to follow the US National Common Core Standards for Middle School.    FREE 
  1. My Little Rhythm – Improves the user’s knowledge of rhythm, therefore, improves the quality of their playing.    $ 
  1. forScore – Allows you to create a library of score sheets to keep all of your music organized and in one place.   $ 
  1. StaffWars – A fun and engaging app designed to teach notes.   $ 
  1. iGiBook – A fantastic way to organize sheet music, scores, etc.   $ 
  1. Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer – Provides visual/audio feedback to help improve rhythmic performance.   $ 
  1. Note Perfect  Test and improve your note reading against the clock in our addictive and enjoyable game…. The great thing about this app is that caters for treble, bass, alto and tenor clef!   $ 
  1. Note Rush  A music reading flashcards game. $ 
  1. AudioStretch  Change the speed of audio files without changing the pitch.  $ 
  1. Inversion Invasion – Learn keyboard chords and inversions with a fun arcade style game. FREE 
  1. Young Music Genius  Learn to identify the instruments used in classical music or discover how the great masterpieces of classical music sounds. FREE 
  1. Rhythm Friends  A music timing game that introduces the basic concepts of rhythm. Children tap their fingers to the beat to create their favorite songs. FREE 
  1. Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra – A fun and creative way to introduce young people to the joys of the orchestra.  FREE 
  1. Read Ahead  Read Ahead provides short and enjoyable 5-10 minute daily practice sessions which help pianists quickly develop their sight-reading ability. FREE 
  1. Ukulele Tuner  Plays standard tuning notes for a soprano ukulele.   FREE 
  1. NoteStar  Keyboard players- experience playing and singing your favorite songs with a real band.  FREE 
  1. GarageBand – One of the most popular music apps in the world, GarageBand lets you create electronic music with ease.  $ 
  1. NotateMe Now – A notation app which uses your device’s camera to capture sheet music.  FREE 
  1. dB Volume Meter – A fun app to measure audio volume in your surroundings.  FREE 
  1. Suggester – Great for the budding songwriter, aids with the chord progression.  FREE 
  1. My Note Games – An app that listens to you play your instrument, and allows you to interact with it via music.  FREE 
  1. Ear Trainer Lite – Contains 32 exercises to improve intervals, chords and scales. FREE 
  1. Freddie The Frog – An app that helps with introducing children to written music. $ 
  1. PitchLab Guitar Tuner – A chromatic strobe tuner for acoustic instruments. Available in a lite version, and a pro version. FREE (with $ option) 
  1. Piano Maestro – Ideal for those new to the piano as this app helps with technique, sight reading, etc. FREE 
  1. Music Tutor Free – improve your note reading skills. FREE 
  1. Tenuto – Tenuto boasts 15 exercises that are customizable – ranging from Note Identification to Chord Ear Training. Also, five different music calculators are included: accidentals, analysis symbols, chords, intervals, and twelve-tone matrices.   $ 
  1. iReal Pro – This app features two modes – It’s a Band and It’s a Book. It’s a Band plays alongside chord charts, and It’s a Book mode allows you to store your favorite chord charts.   $ 
  1. Cleartune – As this app features a unique Note Wheel – you’ll be able to find your pitch quickly. Cleartune uses the built-in device mic to aid in tuning your instrument accurately.   $ 
  1. SoundCloud – If you like to listen to music, this app is for you. SoundCloud has over 135 million tracks in the library that you can listen to offline (if you upgrade to SoundCloud Go). FREE (with $ option) 
  1. Interval Ear Trainer – A brilliant FREE app to assist in learning music intervals by ear. FREE 
  1. Choir Prodigy – A must-have app for singers wishing to fine tune their skills, regardless of their ability. FREE 
  1. Anytune – Allows the user to slow down music, great for learning by ear. FREE 
  1. Rhythm Cat Lite – A very entertaining game that makes learning rhythm notation fun and easy. FREE 
  1. Singing Fingers – A fun little app that lets you fingerpaint with sound and playback the picture. Great for vocal exploration! $ 
  2. I Am Composer – Marketed as the simplest composing software ever, you simply sing to your iPad and the app composes your music for you. FREE 


Finally, to make life a little easier for you, this list is available as a FREE PDF download. Keep a copy in your files for easy access whenever you are looking for an app!

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