Resources to Teach Treble and Bass Pitch

Treble and Bass Pitch

Remembering the names of the lines and spaces of the treble and bass pitch has always proven a little challenging to many new music students. When it comes time to learn the Bass clef, as well as the Treble clef, it often becomes even more confusing!

Treble and Bass Pitch Acronyms

Here is a series of videos from that uses the power of song to aid the learning process!




Check out this additional and very useful resource 'How to Read the Lines & Space' to add to your teaching toolbox. 

This is a 24 page PDF file introducing students to the lines and spaces of the treble and bass clef!

The resource carefully and thoroughly leads students through understanding the lines and spaces of both clefs with revision quizzes along the way.

For the final revision quizzes, answer pages are provided for students to check their work!

You will find this an invaluable resource – clearly set out and easy for students to understand! Click the image below to check it out!


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