Seven Keyboard Diagrams

SEVEN keyboard diagrams for you to download and use in your music classroom!

**TWO more have been added – download the NINE keyboard diagrams NOW!

1. No key names

2. Showing only the names of the natural keys

3. Showing the names of ALL the sharps and flats

4. Showing the names of ALL the sharps and flats and the natural keys

5. Showing the name of all the natural keys and sharps and flats, except for those that fall on a natural key

6. Students write in the name of the sharps/flats

7. Students write in the name of ALL keys

Uses for the Keyboard Diagrams

You can use the KEYBOARD DIAGRAMS to help teach many music concepts, such as:

  • sharps, flats and naturals
  • whole steps/tones and half steps/semitone
  • intervals
  • chords and inversions
  • scales

In addition, you could also:

  • have each student place a diagram in the front of their music workbook as a reference sheet
  • fill them in with information of your choice, laminate them and display them as an anchor chart in your music classroom

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