Teaching Triplets in Music

In music, triplets are a group of three notes, or notes and rests played in the same time as two notes of the same value.

Triplets can look like this…

More about Triplets in Music

  • Not Beamed: If the triplet's notes are not beamed, then a bracket and the number 3 are used to show the three notes are a triplet.
  • Beamed: If the triplet notes are beamed, the bracket is not needed, only the 3.
  • If three of the same notes do not have a 3, it is not a triplet.

TRIPLETS Anchor Chart

You can download the Triplets Anchor Chart by clicking the RED button below. 

Laminate it and display the chart in your classroom as a visual aid. 

It can also be projected as a teaching aid or pasted into student workbooks. 

ub6L78DLQ62b4jPSoxXx_Screenshot_2019-06-01_at_1.02.31_PM.png (1108×146)


Teaching Triplets in Music

The Star Wars Theme is an excellent piece to use when teaching triplets. It is a melody that is already familiar to students.

Let the students listen to the theme and ask them to raise their hand each time they hear a triplet.

Another good idea is to show students a page of the score to see how triplets are written. Listen through again and follow the score.

A most important step is to guide students as they clap, say and count the rhythm. This helps them 'feel' or internalize the triplets in relation to the beat. The sheet music is available online from numerous sources. 


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