The Amazing Benefits of Music Education

Studies into the Benefits of Music Education

(“The Benefits of Music on Child Development", MENC)

As music educators, we can attest to the many long term benefits of music education on the developing individual. We live it: we see it every day!

I recently came across an article that listed several studies that have been done and the wonderful benefits to students of this glorious profession of ours!

In children, studies have shown some of the benefits to include:


Higher SAT Scores

Highest Grades

Higher Test Scores

Higher Reading Scores

Better Behavior

Better Organized

Problem Solvers

Less Anxiety

Most Med Students

I believe that it also teaches students the skills to function better as part of a team, and there is no doubt that it raises their self-esteem!

Children/Students are not the only ones who benefit from music education. It would appear that music has the power to improve the health of the elderly.

In adults, studies have shown some of the benefits to include:

Exercises Brain

Boosts Productivity

Lowers temp, blood pressure, etc.

Prevents Disease


Relieves Pain

Reduces Migraines

Heals, Restructures

Helps Alzheimer Patients

Helps Stroke Patients

Lessens Depression, Loneliness

The full article and the supporting studies can be found at
 Benefits of Music Education.

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