This is the second part of a two-part post on music lesson resources for April.



22 APRIL is Earth Day

Earth, Globe, World, America, Geography, Planet, Global

Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22 April. In 1970, a US Senator from Wisconsin created this national day to create awareness of the environment and treat nature.

MTR's Earth Day-themed music worksheets and teaching resources will help deepen your students' appreciation of our precious planet while reviewing their knowledge and understanding of music concepts. Click the image below to check out more of the resources included in this collection.

I also have a FREE Earth Day Pitch worksheet for download. 

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22 APRIL is Ethel Smyth's Birthday

Dame Ethel Mary Smyth DBE was an English composer and a member of the women's suffrage movement. Her compositions include songs, works for piano, chamber music, orchestral works, choral works and operas.

These MTR listening foldables will help your students learn more about Ethel Smyth. Click the image below to be directed to the resource. 
Female Composer Worksheets - ETHEL SMYTH


22 APRIL is Charles Mingus' Birthday

Charles Mingus Jr. was an American jazz double bassist, pianist, composer, and bandleader. A major proponent of collective improvisation, he is considered one of the greatest jazz musicians and composers in history. He has a career spanning three decades and collaborations with other jazz musicians.

Check out these MTR listening foldables for Charles Mingus by clicking the image below. 
Charles Mingus Music Listening and Research Activities for

23 APRIL is Sergei Prokofiev's Birthday

Sergei Prokofiev was a Russian (and Soviet) composer and is regarded as one of the significant composers of the 20th century.

Prokofiev's musical talent was evident at a very young age - he began composing at the age of five.  

Prokofiev composed 'Peter and the Wolf', one of the most famous musical stories. It is still widely performed on the concert stage and in schools. Additionally, Prokofiev wrote ballets, operas, and music for films.

The resources shown below are a perfect accompaniment for teaching students about Prokofiev and Peter and the Wolf:
PROKOFIEV Music Composer Research Study and Worksheets   Music Composer Worksheets - PROKOFIEV Biography Research a  PROKOFIEV Music Word Search and Biography Research Activit  

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24 APRIL is Barbra Streisand's Birthday

Barbara Joan Streisand, known professionally as Barbra Streisand, is an American singer, actress, and filmmaker. With a career spanning over six decades, she has achieved success in multiple entertainment fields and is among the few performers awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT).

The following products from the MTR Store would be a perfect addition to your teaching resources and excellent to use during Barbra Streisand's birthday. Click the images below to be directed to the resources. 
BARBRA STREISAND Music Word Search and Biography Research   BARBRA STREISAND Music Listening Activities and Biography   BARBRA STREISAND Music activities and Worksheets BUNDLE


25 APRIL is Ella Fitzgerald's Birthday 

Ella Fitzgerald was an American jazz singer and international legend with a career that spanned some six decades.

Ella was well-renowned for her wide vocal range and the rare sweetness of her voice.

Ella Fitzgerald won 14 Grammy Awards, including one for lifetime achievement.

Have your students learn more about Ella Fitzgerald with these MTR resources:
ELLA FITZGERALD BUNDLE of Music Listening Worksheets and R  Ella Fitzgerald Music Listening Activities and Biography R  Ella Fitzgerald Music Word Search and Biography Research A  Women’s History Month Music Lesson Activities and Workshee

Listen to Ella's beautiful version of 'Blue Moon'. 

There is a version by Billie Holiday in the APRIL Music Lesson Teaching Resources Part 1 post. Have your students listen to both versions and complete the Compare and Contrast Listening activity.

Download the Compare and Contrast Listening Sheet HERE.

28 APRIL is National Superhero Day
Pow, Comic, Comic Book, Fight, Explosion, Expletive

Superheroes are not just fictional characters. Many superheroes in our community are great role models for our students.

National Superhero Day provides the opportunity to discuss real-life superheroes with students and help them to appreciate the superheroes in their lives. These Superkids-themed MTR resources will help you with that AND review music theory concepts.
Music Coloring Sheets: 12 Superkids Color by Music Notes a   Music Activities Name the Treble Pitch BOOM Cards™ SUPERKIMusic Name the Bass Pitch BOOM Cards™ - Digital Task Cards   Music Rhythm Activity: Complete the Measure BOOM Cards™   Music Rhythm Activities - BOOM Cards™ Digital Task Cards 

29 APRIL is Duke Ellington's Birthday

Duke Ellington was an American pianist considered the most significant jazz composer and bandleader of his time.

Ellington led his band for over 50 years and composed thousands of scores.

Duke Ellington broke away from the norm and used new harmonies while cleverly combining various instruments. 

MTR presents the following resources to help introduce Ellington to students. Click the image below to learn more.
DUKE ELLINGTON Music Activities and Worksheets BUNDLE  Duke Ellington Music Listening Activities and Biography Re  DUKE ELLINGTON Music Word Search and Biography Research Ac  Black History Month Music Research and Listening Activitie

Sophisticated Lady was written as an instrumental piece in 1932. The lyrics were added later.

Listen to Duke Ellington's very popular instrumental version and  Nancy Wilson's version. 

WRITTEN RESPONSE ACTIVITY: Ask students which version they prefer, giving 2-3 reasons why. Students must link their reasoning to the elements of music.

30 APRIL is International Jazz Day

Clarinet, Instrument, Jazz, Music, Orchestra, WoodwindIn November 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role in uniting people in all corners of the globe. 

International Jazz Day is significant because it raises awareness of the virtues of jazz as a force for peace, unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation among people around the world.

Use these Jazz-themed MTR resources to take students on a historical journey to learn about, listen to, and develop an appreciation of jazz.

CLICK on the image below to preview Jazz resources.


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